Tobi’s Arts Performed Podcast

Episode 9 Oli 2. Dao De Ching, Mysticism and the Human Need for Flux

December 8, 2017

Podcast Show Notes


Welcome to the Arts Performed Podcast. This Episode was recorded under the former title Student Expert Podcast. Please Enjoy.


It continually surprises me that people like Oli can engage in the use of psychedelics an other aspects of life in such a deep and meaningful way, as opposed to my suspicion that people that engage in that just do it to get high. He’s defiantly proved me wrong on that. I loved the way he went deeper into mysticism, and especially breaking out of our conventions. I think, having our consciousness in flux; he’s on to something there.

In next weeks episode we’ll go further into it. I’ll leave you with some final thoughts from Oli, with one question I pose to him, that will be answered next week.

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