Tobi’s Arts Performed Podcast

Ep 11 Thali Lotus CAYA: Sound System Operator

January 7, 2018

Podcast Show Notes:

Episode 11:


Hello everyone, and welcome to the 11th episode. In this episode I will be speaking to Thali Lotus, from CAYA sounds, Come As You Are. She’s a sound system operator or sound architect as you will  hear from the episode. Along with this episode, there’s a sound system weekend at Goldsmiths University, from the 13th to the 14th, January. It’s called the Sound System Outranational 4: Strictly Vinyl. You can find out about it from the Facebook Page.

I particularly want to tell you about a panel discussion that Thali is involved with. It’s called, Her Story: From Ranking Miss P to the Present. It’s all about the sound system movement.

In the panel there is:

Sista Culcha

Nzinga Sounds

Legs Eleven Sound System

Thali Lotus herself

And DJ Lady Explosive

But in the mean time please enjoy this interview


Thali has got such a passion for the sound system movement and the culture that surrounds it, particularly the West Indian culture. She’s got so much love, passion and compassion and creativity to put into it. So please don’t forget, January the 13th and 14th in the day time right until the evening. I think it starts about 11 each day and goes on into the night. Check it out on facebook and

 The next episode I will be bringing out early on Thursday morning to coinside with the weekend. On the next episode you will hear Thali talking more about the history of the sound system movement, roots and culture from it’s origins in Jamaica, and it’s travel with the West Indian immigrants over to Britain, particularly London.