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Ep 13 Sound System Outernational: Nadine from Muxima Sound System

January 15, 2018

Podcast Show Notes:

Episode 13


Hello everyone and welcome to the 13th episode. This episode is an interview with Nadine from Muxima Sound System from Italy. I wasn’t expecting to do this interview and it’s a privilege to be able to catch hold of her. She was speaking in one of the panel discussions of the Sound System Outernational: Stricly Vinyl 4, called Outernationalism, with a group of European female sound system operators. It was pleasure to do this interview and I hope you enjoy it.


That interview with Nadine, brief though it was, just emphasises to me that regardless of a persons social situation, their racial heritage, reggae and the sound system culture can mean so much to people; in terms of it’s vibration, it’s lyrical content, it’s political implications, and it’s community aspect. It complements so well, what I’m finding out about art in general, and the art that I’m interested in. so thank you Nadine from Muxima Sound System

Back to the schedule, on Frinday I will be publishing the next episode with Richard Dedominici; performance artist, and Mehrded Seyf also an artist and artistic director of

See you on Friday

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