Tobi’s Arts Performed Podcast

Episosde 23. Mansplained Masculinity

April 30, 2018

Podcast Show Notes:

Episode 23:


Hello everyone and welcome to the 23rd episode

I am your host Tobi.

In this episode we return to Dave Pickering, the author of Mansplaining Masculinity, who also did a podcast and did a show before that. This week we return to the same issues, in dealing with how men are both perpetrators and victims of patriarchy. I’ll be putting up all the links to his shows Getting Better Acquainted and the Family Tree and Mansplaining Masculinity. So please enjoy


Once again a fascinating guest with loads of interesting things to say. You can find his podcasts, Mansplaining Masculinity in the podcast show notes. You can also find Getting Better Acquainted, of which I’m one of his guests and The Family Tree which is an improvised drama.

Next week I’ll be having Anidruddha Das (AKA Dr Das) of the Asian Dub Foundation, where he talks about racism, activism and the Asian Dub Foundation as well as his other solo projects, and his photography, so see you next week

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