Tobi’s Arts Performed Podcast

Episode 6. LGBT Creativity. Tommy Poppers

November 13, 2017

Podcast Show Notes

Episode 6


Hello listeners and welcome to the 6th episode. Apologies for the late publication of this episode. Instead of a bimonthly podcast I will be publishing the following episodes every week. Today’s episode is the 2nd part of Tommy Poppers interview. This week we talk about the creativity of the LGBT community and stepping outside conventions. We also engage with the question, what is art? The issue of resistance is also explored here in terms of the challenge to norms and conventions. Please enjoy


I so enjoyed editing & listening to this week’s episode as returning to it has given me an added appreciation of the work of LGBT performers but more than this how their expression of art & telling their stories can be so relevant to the rest of our lives, particularly for those of us who are marginalized in other ways such as, gender, race, culture or social class. The final episode next week will include information on Tommy’s forthcoming work & we even touch on the impermanence of technocracy & his experience of writing in South East Asia. See you next time listeners.

Find the link to Tommy's music, and writing here

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