Tobi’s Arts Performed Podcast

Ep 24. Aniruddha Das AKA Dr Das of the Asian Dub Foundation Part 1

May 7, 2018

Podcast Show Notes:

Episode 24:


Hello everyone. I am your host Tobi and welcome to the 24th episode

This week I talk to Aniruddha Das AKA Dr Das about, his family education with the Indian Harmonium that has influenced his work in the Asian Dub Foundation and his solo projects, and the principle of dub in dub music and dub photography

I will be going to a concert at the Garage in London to see the Asian dub Foundation so come along to see them. You can find Aniruddha and Asian dub Foundation on the website links listed below

Now please enjoy


As you can hear from my voice that I loved my interview with Aniruddha. In the next episode he will be talking about his other projects and the political features of his music and dub music in general. Ketch you next week

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