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Ep 18. Drag Queen, Just May. “I’ll Pretty Much Do Anything”

February 11, 2018

Podcast Show Notes:

Episode 18


Hello and welcome to the 18th episode. I am your host Tobi.

This episode features Pete May, whose drag persona, Just May I saw in his documentary film, Just May Does Geri where Pete attempts to meet Geri Halliwell for her 45th birthday. We engage with what this process meant to Pete and what Geri and the Spice Girls meant to him and much more.

Pete is now a full time drag artist and you can find Just May on:

On March the 1st Just May will be performing at The Glory in East London (link here)

Also coming up is a performance evening at Lime Wharf on the 14th of February called: Good Bye to London // This Dancefloor isn’t here anymore where friend, and queer live artist Sebastian Hau-Walker is doing a performance along with many other who I don’t yet know

For now, please enjoy


I think you’ll agree Pete has approached many subjects that are important, not just to the LGBT community but for all of us. No more is needed other that to remind you of the event at Lime Wharf on the 14th this month and Just May’s performance on the 1st of March at the Glory

The next episode will be with Sebastian, where he makes the distinction between live art and performance art and much more. Until next time, take care

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